This is how it all started...


Simplicity is the essence of happiness.

Cedric Bledsoe




We are Erika and Mariel, co-founders of R&B Consulting. We have Engineering backgrounds with a combined experience of more than 30 years in International Sales, Supply Chain and Information Systems.

We created R&B Consulting because we saw there was a gap between today's business managers' or owners' visions and their employees' activities which is deeper and more visible due to the pandemic whirlwind of uncertainty, resulting in inefficiencies and a lot of frustration. 


So, we are on a mission to close this gap, because we know good things come when you tap into inner resources and mindsets to work smarter and better together. Most of the times  it only takes small changes to get results. When things are simpler, people are happier. And more productive.

R&B has allowed us to combine our leadership with our passion for working with people, by creating tools and insights based on our journey to help you work smarter and be happier at work.  

So, come join us in this gentle revolution!

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