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Erika P. Roostna
Director/Translation, Localization and Creation
Erika is an Engineer who evolved into a Writer/Translator, when she and her family migrated to Canada from Venezuela.
After more than 27 years servicing the international corporate world, Erika’s matrix of expertise ranges from construction to manufacturing and consumer packaged goods industries, in the areas of Production, Logistics, Sales and Marketing, in South, Central and North America. As a Regional Sales and Marketing Manager in Latin America, working for North America and UK based companies, she felt the struggle of conveying the correct message to build the markets across borders. She learned that clear communication is key to reach out, attract others and establish trust to ultimately keep businesses flowing.
As an immigrant, Erika learned the importance of celebrating and honoring our cultural differences in a small world. As a dedicated translator, she understands the technical use of language in ideas more than words. And as a creative communicator, she truly feels the positive impact of the messages on the target audiences. 
Now she has decided to take the step and work with Spanish, -the language that brings out her inner romantic- and with English -the language of structure-, in order to develop powerful and engaging content, and translate them taking into consideration the cultural subtleties to help create connections between organizations all across the Americas.
Mariel Brett

Process and System Improvement/Project Manager

Mariel is an Information Engineer with more than 20 years of experience helping companies understand systems and technology challenges, translating them into growth opportunities. Her technical and business background in SAP, Finance and Supply chain has enabled her to be a liaison between business needs and technology.

She has a strong experience in systems implementation in variety of different systems and platforms, Process Improvement, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Agile Methodology, System Testing, System Documentation, and Project and Product Management.

Being an immigrant she understands the importance of bridging cultural gaps in the corporate world. Building strong connections, empathy and being customer centric is her key factor to overcoming challenges and pain points in order to unveil new opportunities.

Mariel is a truly believer that small incremental changes and addressing non value-added tasks can have a huge impact on real customer satisfaction, which ultimately impact the business’ bottom line.  She is passionate for helping companies embrace technology and resolve process gaps with a unique combination in cultural sensibility, human centered design principles and a critical mind.

Noel Brett
Director/ Technical  and Project Management
Noel has worked as a Professional Engineer both in South and North America. He has also has had a fruitful career as Project Manager in the Construction, Manufacturing, Automation and Government fields.
He is focused on the power of well defined business structures, processes and clear communications in technical documents such a User Manuals, training material and Standard Operating Procedures. When there is no doubt on the messages in such documents, there is a positive impact on productivity, sales and health and safety.



We have access to an amazing group of Spanish and English speaking translators and professionals, who assist us with their language and market specific expertise.