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Updated: Jun 21, 2020

The meaning of life is to find your gift;

the purpose of life is to give it away

Pablo Picasso

My heart swells with joy when I can be of service for a good cause. It gives me a sense of direction, gratitude and awareness of how lucky I am. I live in Canada, a wonderful country that has given me peace and opportunities of growth. However, I cannot―and will not― forget where I come from. Venezuela was the next best thing besides Heaven, but it is facing the worst humanitarian and economic crisis in the country’s modern History, unfortunately the kind that doesn’t make the international headlines.

This is mainly due to the world’s oil market drop in a country that relies 100% on oil revenue, as well as the disastrous resource management by the current dictatorial regime. Many companies which contributed to good causes and charity are now on the verge of bankruptcy or being seized by the government as part of their misguided socialist framework and philosophy. Extreme poverty hovers the 80 % of the population and urgent social matters are pulling the actions of charity organizations in many directions at the same time. In this scenario of survival, resources like food and medicines are being stretched to their limits and are becoming scarce and logistically difficult.

And nestled in the vast plains of the Venezuelan southwest, in the middle of the Yaruro/Pumé aboriginal territory, lies the “Escuela Integral La Coromoto”, a small compound with a big heart, that functions as a community center providing educational, health, food and recreational services to 45 local and aboriginal children and their families, since 2003. The school services an area roughly the size of Prince Edward Island, Canada and al their services are free of charge.

Please see their heartwarming video here.

But there are always guardian angels that help ease the pain of those that will never be forgotten. Such is the case of ASOPICA A.C., a charity foundation in Venezuela and the Rotary Club of Palgrave in Canada, who partnered to financially support the “Escuela Integral La Coromoto” rural school by supplying materials and labour for the construction of a solar panel structure, as well as clothing, food, medical and schools supplies for the children.

My task was to write a compelling case so that it would be considered as a viable project led by my dear friend, Ricardo Aldrey, as a member of the Rotary Club of Palgrave. I took the existing material in Spanish, interviewed Ricardo to learn about teh project's goals and key indicators, took a lot of notes and listed the important tips as to what the Executive Committee would like to consider when granting a project of this sort, did research on the schools background, location and activities. Then I sat down to write and crafted a piece that was approved on the first round!

We all have skills and gifts, but how you use those gifts sets you on your life’s purpose with joy and gratitude.

So far in 2016 we have donated 960 words in copywriting and translations, but the world needs so much more! Our goal is to donate 10,000 this year to causes such as these.

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