It is all Spanish to me...

You get a visit from a Mexican businessman. He brings a top-of-the-line product that he knows you absolutely need to be more efficient. He is proud of his company and his products. He smiles, says something in Spanish, then hands you data sheets and graphs, even a bottle of hot sauce with the company logo as a souvenir. All in Spanish.

You nod. You smile. You have no clue what he is talking about, other than the colorful pictures on his brochures surrounded by strange words, other than “una cerveza, por favor”. You don’t even like tacos. When he is about to leave, you smile a bit more. When he is gone, you are drained and all the material goes to a slush pile while you whisper an “hasta la vista, baby”.

The same can happen to you on your next visit to a potential customer in Colombia or Chile. It is true that English is the language of business, but there is a huge market out there, beyond the North American borders, where English is not mastered. For some, it is a strange concept, but entrepreneurs are facing a world where connections are getting closer yet more complex. Even though, product quality is a must and marketing is a no brainer, in order to create brand awareness and potential customers to understand your product, clear communication is key. But as you might have guessed, communication must be in your customers language. It is the most important secret of growing your business abroad.

Your biggest mission should be to make your ideas and products available to your customers understanding, open it to consumers who do not speak English. In their own language. In their own culture.

It sounds overwhelming, but you do not need to struggle. Once you have your sales strategies for Latin America, take a look at your website, marketing material and technical data sheets. Are they translated into Spanish? If your answer is no, send us an email. We specialize in translating B2B and technical material from English to Spanish, adapting your texts to the language and culture of your markets.

Do what you do best, and let us help you with the clear and correct language connection. Contact us now!

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