Attract your tribe with engaging job postings

Camila sat at her desk and sighed at the landslide of résumés that would take her weeks to sift through.

She feared that “right one” was lost or overlooked, forgotten. She listened through the interviews and wondered why twenty or more candidates did not understand what she was looking for.

Her company wanted rock stars but ended with a long queue of applicants vaguely up to the key skills for the position. Finding qualified candidates is the number one HR challenge today, with 40 percent of companies unable to find the talent they need. Camila was part of the stats.

Want more quality job applicants?

Start making your job postings engaging

Don’t do generic (Please!)

Camila reread the job posting and was instantly bored at the long laundry list of tasks and clear as mud description of skills. She asked herself if she would apply to such a job. Now, that was an eye opener!

Although Camila wanted excellent candidates, she used the same basic templates from some job bank in her computer files. So, Camila ended up with 200 candidates who were more or less complying to the skills she had put out there: Bachelors of Arts, flexible, 3 to 5 years working experience in the area, able to multitask (eye roll!), excellent oral and written communication skills. She even wrote about the company’s yearly revenues and offices worldwide to entice them to apply.

Generic job posts bring generic candidates.

Just as the job search courses teach job seekers to stand out with cover letters and resumes, SEO wording, and novel ways of showcasing skills, companies also need to evolve if they want to attract the right talent. That is where the art of crafting well-written compelling job descriptions comes into play.

Each job is a world on its own and candidates will transform it even more. Interviewing the hiring manager is a must. Looking beyond the task, digging deep into the company’s culture and the department’s requirements.

What are the pain points?

What is the ideal mindset of the candidate more than the skills?

(A Production Planner knows the need to produce a daily schedule-duh!)

How are the worker’s actions going to be measured?

Why are Excel Pivot tables and VLOOKUPs important for the job?

What is the difference between a 3 and a 5-year experience in Logistics?

Narrower job descriptions are less ambiguous and confusing.They leave no doubt of what the company needs from a candidate, so they know if they should apply or not.

It is a service for you and the candidates. Don’t waste their time. Or yours.

Think like the candidate

Camila was not just filling a role; she was looking for people who will devote a third of their life to work with her company. She was building a tribe, so she had to show them why they should work there.

She had to turn off the Default Mode and start branding her company!

A job description is a marketing tool – It tells your story; it shows your values.

An authentic description of her company, vision, and values must click with the candidates own vision, beliefs, and values. What does “Excellence” mean to you? Why are you the best company to work for?

Some awesome tips include:

  • Focus on the jobseekers’ benefits and purpose from the role and the company.

  • Reframe the description and requirements into more depth of culture and expectations, special programs and perks the company offers.

  • Highlight exciting projects the new hire will participate in, rather than just adding a list of cookie cutter skills, like “Process Improvement” or “knowledge of Microsoft Office”. Or “Ad Hoc” activities!!

  • Novel media like infographics and videos showcase the culture as well as the day to day activities.

You will get a better response rate AND quality of candidates when you focus on the candidates’ needs. This translates not only in efficiency and job satisfaction, but also less talent rotation, less HR time sifting through piles of resumes and cover letters, less costs, and frustrations.

We can help you craft your job descriptions in fresh and novel ways, critical to attracting the right people for your company.

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