Happiness is the new Success


Twenty years ago, success for me was a big house, cars, a country club, a beach apartment, a career. Or I thought so. Latin America was my Sales territory, so I traveled a lot and earned good money, while juggling work and a young family. And yes, some of those things were a mirror of my hard work, but I was exhausted and most of my trips became part work and a whole lot of guilt for leaving my kids to visit customers somewhere in the middle of Colombia or a conference in Panama. But I used to tell myself that was the price I had to pay for my career, and everything attached to it.

Looking back, I was doing nothing for my health or wellbeing, I was not growing as a person, I was doing what others were throwing at me. Not my values or dreams. I got home tired and jetlagged to a family desperate for a piece of my time and love, and all I wanted to do was to hide in bed after a week of airports and an intense territory. That did not feel like a successful life.

My friends and family praised my lifestyle and I smiled with a secret kind of soul sucking sadness of running on autopilot. I was empty. You see, success is in the heart of the possessor, not the beholder. What you believe of success might not be the same to others. Success is like a fingerprint. Only yours.

I recently came across an article defining success by Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus (a.k.a The minimalists). They say that success has its own equation.

Happiness + Constant Improvement + Contribution = Success

Finding joy in the things you do, while helping others and constantly becoming better are certainly the not so secret recipe for a successful life.

I urge you to look around you and look inside you. Does your life and your work align with your values and beliefs, your interests, and dreams? Are you doing what makes you happy and adds value to not only for you, but for those who work with you?

Be successful at a different level. Not with possessions and money as the focus, but a higher one. Embrace a radically different framework to intentionally cultivate the traits of joy, contribution, and self-improvement, so you can develop a meaningful life and business.



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