It's the Empathy, stupid!

Bill Clinton had his AHA! moment during his Presidential campaign in 1992 and it was summarized in a forehead tapping simple sentence: “It’s the economy stupid!”.

It was the most clarifying statement on where to focus his efforts in a difficult time and that ultimately led him to the Presidency of the United States of America.

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Today, we face a fight with an invisible enemy. Our world leaders inject money and aid into the economy, so it won't crumble under our feet. They also are calling for Social Distancing, in other word, isolating yourself in order to stop the virus spread. But panic is on people’s faces as new statistics roll out each day. We hoard toilet paper (which is still a mystery to me!) and canned goods that would make a Paleo diet consultant cringe, we stuff our purses with hand sanitizer and wash our hands like we just touched a Dragon’s Breath pepper.

Coronavirus is the Great Equalizer. It doesn’t care if you are homeless or a Prime Minister, a priest or an atheist, a Conservative or a Liberal. You see, Coronavirus is also skin colored blind, all it cares about is your lungs. Now, suddenly on our knees, we don’t binge watch makeup tutorials on YouTube that make you look as a fake life size Barbie doll, we don’t care about video game influencers who make millions of dollars over video games tips, while hunger and pollution have been taking over the world. We are now searching for food, medicines and meaning. We are confused, vulnerable and lost, but we have started to feel, like real-deep-down-reality check feel.

And then, something happened, we started checking on elderly neighbours or ill friends, small acts of kindness popped everywhere like little flowers on the first day of Spring, grocery stores opened early for seniors before the herds of people come in. Businesses really, really seemed to care about their customers, like Amazon or Kijiji banning sales for profits of critical products for the pandemic.

We find ourselves sending out good vibes by Social Media, because Social Distancing is not Soul Distancing.

Social Distance is not Soul Distancing

World leaders have begun to understand what the real meaning of protection, health and education is. We have started to understand that our family and well being are more important than vacations or a paycheck. There is hope; there always is. I am sure that we will win, but it is with Empathy that we will overcome this crisis.

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