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You have been watching the news, searching the Internet, talking to fellow entrepreneurs, waiting for the moment when you can finally reopen your business and get back to work, get back to normal. It seems that everyday there is a different update on regional government orders and restrictions.

You ask yourself if you are ready for this. You are concerned, worried, anxious, excited, hopeful. All at the same time. So much has been impacted by the pandemic that still hovers over us, that it is not just a matter of unlocking the front door and turning the OPEN FOR BUSINESS sign around. There is much you need to prepare for and learn to protect your workers, customers, and yourself throughout the reopening process.

It is more critical than ever to exercise a strong resilient mindset and come up with a plan aligned with your unique circumstances that will guide you forward safely and efficiently.

Here are the areas of influence to help you create a Reopening Plan:

1. Remember your why:

Why are you in this business? This powerful question will push you through these difficult times. Take some time to renew your vows with your business, customers and employees as their needs might have changed as well. Reassess the costs that can impact your purpose and creative ways of circumventing them.

2. People and spaces:

Once your employees can return to work, there will be a learning curve of how to interact with each other. Walk through the physical space and common areas in your business, like lunchrooms and conference rooms, and assess the risks and hazards. Set new health and safety protocols and training to ensure your employees well-being, as well as provide them adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) and sanitizing stations EVERYWHERE. And on safety, always, always, communicate on the heavy side.

3. Simplify your processes:

You will find that many of your processes need to be tweaked, scrapped, or redesigned. There will be a lot of reflecting, reviewing, and revising the things you did and the things you need to start doing. Pain points and inefficiencies will surface, but we can guarantee that you will find novel ways of doing things you never thought possible.

With a plan in place you will give your employees and customers the assurance of doing everything for their safety. As you strive to survive, resilience, discipline and communication are more critical than ever. We will get through this!

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