Your processes are the road map of your business. They tell the story of your daily activities. The way you do things. Without them your focus is kind of lost, and employees carry them out using their "common sense", so outcomes can be scary and costly.  As a businesses in these new times, you need to evolve as markets change, and adapting your processes is a big part of that evolution.

Process improvement has been studied for a long time, with many different trends with catchy and glorified titles and a lot of hours. But at the end of the day, the premise is how do we make a product or process, faster, better and cheaper. Which is OK, but we believe there is more to that...It's the people who make processes happen. Processes need to be thought through around the enablers and users.


At R&B Consulting Group, we are your other pair of eyes. Unbiased and offering a different perspective; one with empathy and soul. We have more than forty years combined experience in manufacturing and process improvement, to walk with you through your systems and operations looking for simplifying opportunities to make your work day easier and fulfilled.


We help you analyze /compare /strategize /plan /improve and optimize your costs and steps​, but with a calmer, sustainable and holistic vision, by identifying opportunities to simplify them, resolve pain points, and redesigning your processes around human users.

We strive to accommodate your deadlines, manage your moving targets and conflicting requirements with the flexibility and sense of urgency to help you achieve your timelines and milestones. And ultimately be a happy and productive workplace. 

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