Supply Chain is the circulatory system of your company. Materials are transported where they are needed in time and quantity. Flow is the best state for a Supply Chain, but it requires analysis, planning, discipline and flexibility. Overall, it needs to flow.

When processes are clear and optimized, people who run them are happier, more productive and engaged. Happy workers are good for your revenue and bottom line...

Benefits of Process Optimization













At R&B Consulting Group, we help you optimize your Supply Chain costs and

steps​, but with a calmer, sustainable and holistic vision, by identifying

opportunities to simplify your processes around human users.

With more than forty years combined experience in manufacturing,

supply chain and process improvement, we walk with you through your

systems and operations looking for simplifying opportunities by: 

  • Streamlining workflows through Planning processes

  • Eliminating pain points and waste

  • Managing defects

  • Improving communication and well-being

  • Reducing risks and embracing changes

  • Process documentation

  • Training personnel

Better Consistency
Products, Service and Communication
Improved Quality
Trust, Loyalty and Growth
Happy and Engaged
Customers, Employees and Stakeholders
Better Resource Utilization
Cost, Time and Human Resources
Streamlined Operations
Efficiency and Ease
Reduced Risks
Flexibility, Resilience and Protection

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