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Welcome Work Warriors!

We believe in making the future of business simple

where efficiency means growth, sustainability, and happiness.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee,

you are definitely a Work Warrior, and 

you can take control of your work and have a positive impact

on the quality of what you do and on yourself

It’s time to:


define your priorities and focus on the essentials.

design your processes through proven techniques.

deliver actions to gain clarity, sense of purpose and peace of mind.

 How we help you 


We will facilitate personalized planning sessions with proven methodologies and practical tools for designing an improved Supply Chain an Information Systems planning strategy and execution.


We help you identify the greatest opportunities for improvement within your current systems through capabilities  to make them work for you.
Simply and efficient.


As individuals or part of a team, get a better sense of control over your job through webinars, tools and guides curated for your career needs.
  • Streamline workflows and MRP 
  • Eliminate pain points and waste

  • Improve communication and well-being

  • Reduce risks and embracing changes

  • Process documentation

  • Training

  • Define and Document Requirements
  • Assess current System capabilities based on user reality
  • Plan and monitor Timelines and Resources
  • Define testing scenarios
  • Setting up testing cases 
  • Manage defects and iterations
  • Define and refine your role and scope within your purpose.
  • Increase your cultural awareness
  • Identify opportunities to streamline your tasks.
  • Build practical tools to improve your performance.
  • Training and one-on-one discovery discussions.

Start improving

Start measuring

Start gaining control


Simplicity is the essence of happiness.

Cedric Bledsoe




We are Erika and Mariel, co-founders of R&B Consulting. We have Engineering backgrounds with a combined experience of more than 30 years in International Sales, Supply Chain and Information Systems.

R&B Consulting started because we saw there was a disconnect between today's business managers' or owners' visions and their employees' activities which is deeper and more visible due to the pandemic whirlwind of uncertainty, resulting in inefficiencies and a lot of frustration. 


So, our mission is to bridge that gap to create synergy , because we know good things come when you tap into inner resources and mindsets to work smarter and better together. Most of the times  it only takes small changes to get results. When things are simpler, people are happier. And more productive.

R&B has allowed us to combine our leadership with our passion for working with people, by creating tools and insights based on our journey to help you work smarter and be happier at work.  

So, come join us in this gentle revolution!

This is how it all started...

Work with us

Let's connect over Zoom to start learning about your needs.
Let's start working together to create a plan. We are part of your team.
We are professionals with high standards and work ethics, our mission is to help you.

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