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At R&B Consulting Group, we deliver high quality, on time and competitive translations, based on our commitment to the highest standards of performance, ethical behavior, confidentiality and best practices. We focus on eliminating the guesswork by helping you overcome language barriers to market conversion faster and easier.

We translate as humans, for humans...We do not translate words, we transform your ideas so that will be fully understood by your Latin American customers and that will be a pleasure to read. When managing your documents, our pillars are:


1. Accuracy: we ensure nothing gets "lost in translation", by building proper glossaries of terms and ensuring consistency throughout the texts

2. Adaptability: we treat your texts with care and respect for the cultural subtleties of your the target markets, to ensure faster conversion through clear communications

3. On time and on budget: We deliver what we promise.

We also assist you by conducting business meetings interpretation services, via Skype.






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